Bible Studies

We have in-person Bible Studies on Sunday mornings @ 9:45 AM with classes for all ages. Recordings of past adult Bible Studies are available below.

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Current Adult Bible Study Series

Back in the spring, we studied Romans 1-8, which primarily deals with sin and grace and the believer's thankful response of a sanctified life. This fall, we will finish the Apostle Paul's letter to the Romans by studying chapters 9-16. The second half of this letter expands on the first half by making a number of different practical applications of those three basic truths taught in the preceding chapters: (1) all are under sin and therefore condemned to death, (2) all are justified freely through faith in Christ Jesus, and (3) the Christian will respond to God's free gift of salvation. Join us on Sunday mornings beginning September 24th during the Bible study hour for this Bible Study series where we will seek God's answers to more questions about Christianity.

Past Adult Bible Studies

Join us by watching the videos below to grow in your understanding of God and his Word.


Teen Bible Study

Please join us in the Teen Room on Sundays @ 9:45 AM for in-person Bible Study.

Current Bible Study - My Son, My Savior

Join us this Sunday as we spend time during this advent season to look at the miracle of Jesus coming to this earth to save us from sin.