Devotional Resources

Are you looking for ways to improve your devotional life? Finding the right resources can be difficult. Many Christians have shared that outside of Sunday morning, they find it challenging to connect with God's Word. Below are devotional resources from our church body (WELS) to help individuals and families spend more time in God's Word. We also encourage you to bring home your Sunday service folder as a resource throughout the week.

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  • Word Made Flesh: The Historical Reality of Christmas

    Discover how the gospels of John the Elder and Luke the Historian record the details of the incarnation—God becoming man. Each of these 25 devotions is prompted by a question about the historical accuracy of the Christmas account. Each reminds us that Christmas is not a sweet children’s story or fairy tale. It is a historical event. In our skeptical times, John and Luke help us reaffirm the objective reality of Christmas. We hope these devotions will remind you that we need more than just a spiritual idea or inspiring story. We need a real flesh-and-blood Savior, one who stepped into human history, changing it—and us—forever.

  • WELS Daily Devotions

    A daily devotion available in text and audio format. You can also subscribe to receive this devotion via email.

  • WELS Family Devotions

    A family devotional published three times per week typically based on each of the three lessons read on the previous Sunday morning. These devotions are also available in text and audio format.

  • WELS Teen Devotions

    A weekly devotion for teens available in text format.

  • WELS Military Devotions

    A weekly devotion available in text and audio format. You can subscribe to receive this devotion via email.

  • Marriage Moments

    Every marriage has its “moments.” That’s why marriages need moments of encouragement and refreshment. Marriage Moments are short, weekly videos highlighting one Biblical marriage thought accompanied by a discussion question. Couples may subscribe to receive the videos in a weekly e-mail. Congregations can upload them to their social media pages, encourage members to sign up for the e-mail, and use them as part of their marriage counseling or Bible study ministries.