Connect Groups Available

Fall 2022

Connect Groups are currently forming for Fall 2022 (September - November)

Connect Groups are a part of our ministry at Christ Our Savior that provide a way for members to connect in study, service, and social areas. Groups run for a few months at a time and are small in size.

Social Groups

  • Family Hikers

    Type of Connect Group: Social Group

    Regularity: At least once per month

    Who: Outdoor enthusiasts of all ages

    Description: Do you enjoy a casual stroll in the woods? Come take an easy hike with your fellow believers as we spend time admiring God's creation in the Columbia area. The trails and pace should be achievable for those from five to seventy-five (don't expect a vigorous workout). We look forward to Climbing Over Slopes with you!

    Cost: Fuel costs and desired hiking apparel (i.e., bug spray)

    Location: Hiking locations in the Columbia area (eg., Cheeks Bend, Stillhouse Hollow Falls)

    Upcoming Events: 

    Communicated via email by Matthew Turner based on fall weather conditions.

    Sign Up Info: Contact Matthew Turner if you are interested in joining this group or have questions:


Service  Groups

  • COS Retirees Serve

    Type of Connect Group: Service Group

    Regularity: Monthly

    Who: Retirees

    Description: If you have a desire to serve by helping with projects around the church property while meeting and serving alongside others at the same time, then come join us.

    Cost: None

    Location: Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church

    Upcoming Events:
    Monthly on a selected Tuesday

    Sign Up Info: Contact Gus MacPherson if you are interested in joining this group or have questions: