Bible Studies

We have in-person Bible Studies on Sunday mornings @ 9:45 AM with classes for all ages. Recordings of past adult Bible Studies are available below.

Adult Bible Study Series

Have you ever heard of Armageddon? What is it? Many people know only that Armageddon has something to do with a battle between God and his enemies. If you want to find out more about this epic battle and how it will affect you, be sure to join us for our adult Bible study this Sunday on Revelation chapter 16.


Part 1: The struggle between the church and the world (1-11)


The What, Why, and Who of Revelation (Intro & 1:1-11)

The Vision of the Seven Letters to the Seven Churches (1:12-3)

The Vision of the Seven Seals (4-7)

The Vision of the Seven Trumpets (8-11)


Part 2: The struggle between Christ and Satan (12-22)


The Vision of the Seven Visions (12-15)

The Vision of the Seven Bowls (16)

The Vision of Christ and Antichrist (17-19)

The Vision of Final Victory (20-22:5)


Conclusion (22:6-21)

Adult Bible Study

Join us by watching the videos below to grow in your understanding of God and his Word. You can follow this link to view all previous virtual Bible Studies and Sunday morning services.


Teen Study

Please join us in the Teen Room on Sundays @ 9:45 AM for in-person Bible Study.

Current Bible Study - The Advent of our Lord

In this study we'll explore God's Old Testament promises pointing to the coming Savior and how God prepared the way and kept those promises perfectly.